Are Bow Ties Unprofessional?

Is it ever ok to wear bow ties to the office? In other words, are bow ties unprofessional or are they acceptable in the modern workplace? Will you get fired or won't get that promotion because you wear a bow tie?

We often get asked this question by new customers who haven't bought a bow tie before, or perhaps have only worn them for special occasions like weddings where bow tie use is more mainstream. For guys who are still developing a sense of style, it makes sense that they might be a bit trepidatious about investing in a bow tie (after all it takes some confidence to wear one, no doubt about that).

The good news is that bow ties are no longer the exclusive preserve of barristers, judges, scientists and medical professors. Bow ties have become democratised and can be worn by men of any age and profession. More and more young men are deciding to wear bow ties as a way to elevate their wardrobe and this trend is likely to accelerate in the coming years as workwear evolves.

Yes, you heard it here first, bow ties are a way to enhance your office attire in a unique way. By wearing a bow tie, you can distinguish yourself from all your staid boring colleagues who wear regulation issue ties that turn them into corporate drones. Bow ties don't have to be preppy, they can be stylish without being too loud.

Bow ties come in two flavours: pre-tied and freestyle where you tie the knot. Both are debonair options that you really can't go wrong with. Pre-tied bow ties make life easy but freestyle aka self-tie bow ties are the ultimate in refined luxury. For everyday use pre-tied bow ties are probably your best bet if you're in a hurry to get to work and for special events you can bring out your freestyle bow tie. 

The best advice is to invest in a bow tie that reflects your personality. If you're a quirky guy, then think about a novelty bow tie like our black dinosaur bow tie. If you're more of a romantic guy, consider a floral bow tie. If you're more of a classic man, think about a knitted bow tie. There are so many options with bow ties that is what makes them such a versatile option.