Best Mens Gifts for Lockdown

Mindlessly bored in lockdown and wondering what you could buy the perk up the special guy in your life?

It's a hard task to buy something that isn't cliche like a banal pair of socks, but why not take the time you have at home during lockdown to prepare for when you inevitably return to the office.

Because as much as WFH will remain an option for some, working at the office is already making a comeback on Wall Street. So by popular demand, we've put together this quick-fire top list of the five best mens gift ideas for lockdown. And don't worry you won't have to break the proverbial bank to afford any of Jay Kirby's item (in keeping with our ethos that affordable and stylish mens fashion shouldn't be a contradiction in terms).

1. Looking for the perfect pair of cufflinks that are for guys that don't take themselves too seriously? Consider investing in a pair of superhero cufflinks. Our extensive range of superhero cuffs that include batman, superman and spiderman themed cuffs are one of the best gifts for guys who are real-life heroes.

2. For guys who prefer something more avant garde, you might want to check out steampunk cufflinks. What are steampunk cufflinks? According to Google, steampunk is a style that combines historical aspects with science fiction steam-powered technology. Otherwise known as 'retrofuturistic', steampunk is an incredibly daring style that can make your cuffs look extra special.

3. If you want a gift that is personalised, it's hard to beat customised cufflinks. Yes, you heard that right we have in stock a huge range of cuffs that mean you can select your own initials and slide them into your cuffs. This is the ultimate in luxury! Much better than getting an initialled shirt like all those soyboy investment bankers and corporate douches. Apart from silver toned letter cufflinks, we also have number cuffs for those guys that are numerically inclined.

4. Okay, so we said that buy socks was so banal and cliche. But did we mention our incredible Rolling Stones inspired tongue pattern socks? Hard to resist these socks which will help you relive the rock and roll days of youth. But if music themed socks aren't your thing we have these cheeky flamingo inspired socks which are sure to get you lots of subtle attention.

5. Finally, everyone has an iPhone these days so why not plunk down your hard earned for our stunning silver Apple Watch charging stand? Not only is our range of Apple Watch accessories super stylish but they are a great practical way of organising your workspace. And if you aren't in the market for a charging stand, you can always spruce up your Apple Watch with a new watch band. We have an extensive selection of watch bands to suit every taste.