How to Store Ties

Calling all necktie lovers. Ties are an integral component of the modern man's wardrobe, so you want to ensure they will last for many years. So what is the best way to store your ties for guys who are too busy trading crypto?

If you really want to preserve your ties in style, you have a couple of options that are the gold standard in tie storage. But before anything else, you need to remember that ties need to be completely unknotted for proper storage. If you try to store a tie which is knotted, the fabric will become damaged over time.

One of the best ways to look after your tie and ensure that it doesn't get damaged, is to invest in a quality made tie rack. Tie racks are relatively inexpensive so you get a great deal of bang for your buck. Tie racks are also a great options for those with limited wardrobe space; some tie racks might have enough capacity for twenty different ties.

Another alternative for storing your ties, is simply to roll your ties and store them in a drawer. This option isn't quite as good as getting your hands on a tie rack but if the ties are rolled with care and placed in a position which is unexposed to sunlight then you can't go too wrong.

So in summary, there are a few key rules you should observe to look after your tie collection:

1. Store your ties somewhere unexposed to sunlight (otherwise the colours will fade with time).

2. Always make sure your tie is unknotted (ties should only be knotted if you are wearing them - leaving ties knotted for extended periods of time damages the fabric of you tie).

3. Ties should be stored in a place with good ventilation. So this just means opening your cupboards say once a month and ventilating your room.

4. Invest in a tie rack or simply unroll your ties and store them securely.