Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Pocket Square

How should you fold your pocket square? We often get asked this question by our loyal customers (even some trusted regulars) so we've dashed together this brief how-to guide with our top tips. Don't stress, the good news is that folding pocket squares is much easier to master than those pesky tie knots.

The Flat (aka Presidential) Fold

1: Place your square facedown

2: Take the left side of your square and bring it to the right side

3: Almost there. Now take the bottom edge 2/3rds of the way to the top. Done!

The Single Peak Fold

1: Place your square facedown in diamond-like orientation

2: Good. Now take the bottom point and bring it to the top point of your square

3: Now fold and bring the left point towards the right

4: Last step. Fold the right point of your square towards the left corner

The Double Peak Fold

1: To start, place your square facedown in diamond-like orientation

2: Ok good. Now bring bottom point adjacent to top point

3: Nice work. Now fold the left point toward right point

4: Finally, fold the right point to the top peaks. All good!

The Puffy Fold

1: Place your square in the face up position, then pinch middle and gently yank up

2: Make sure the points gather nicely at the bottom

3: Now fold all sides in toward middle

4: Bring points upward to frame puff. And there you have it! A puffy square.

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