How to Wear Cufflinks Like a Boss

Cufflinks are something special. Apart from making great gifts, cufflinks are an instant way of elevating your style. There is something so timeless about cufflinks but they're also modern and contemporary. Everyone knows that cufflinks are the mark of a refined gentleman who takes pride in his appearance.

So how do cufflinks work? How exactly do you wear cufflinks? It's a question often asked of us here at Jay Kirby, especially with young men that are looking to improve their style game.

Well, the good thing about cufflinks is that they're actually super easy to use. It's kind of intuitive, and we promise that once you learn how to master wearing cufflinks it's a skill for life that you won't soon forget.

How you wear cufflinks depends on the type of cufflinks you have. Most of our cufflinks range feature a metal closing mechanism which looks like a cylinder. So here are the steps you need to follow:

1. To get your cuffs into your shirt, make sure the cylinder is at a 90 degree angle to the cuffs. 

2. Then slide the cuffs into your shirt's cuff holes, making sure the cylinder is sticking out one end.

3. And it's simply a matter of adjusting the cylinder so it runs parallel with cuffs so the closing mechanism works. 

Yes, it is really that simple! Nothing to stress about.