Should Men Wear Bracelets?

Is it ever acceptable for men to wear bracelets? Aren't bracelets only for women? Well, the answer is that bracelets are of the best accessories a man can possibly have. Bracelets add a touch of refined sophistication to any outfit because they show a man who isn't afraid to be unorthodox and wear what societal norms dictate. 

The best thing about bracelets is that they don't have to be showy. You can wear a bracelet that is largely covered by your shirt cuff. In this way, the bracelet accentuates rather than dominates your look. Sometimes the hint of something is better than putting something on full display because you retain a sense of mystery and enigma (always keep them wanting more).

When it comes to the design of bracelets, one of our favourites here at Jay Kirby are anchor bracelets. These usually consist of either a leather or rope band which is coupled with a metallic anchor. Anchor bracelets are so damn manly, they speak to unbridled adventure and your lust for life. Explorers wear bracelets. Do  you think Magellan wore one? You bet he did. Circumnavigating the globe is no mean feat. By wearing an anchor bracelet, you are saying to the world that you chart your own course and you are an unafraid alpha male (sorry beta boys). 

As for what mens bracelets are made from the choices are legion. Copper looks amazing and also has some potential health benefits, while gold and silver are also popular choices that will usually last a lifetime. For a less formal affair, consider leather or rope bands that are perfect for partying or days spent on the beach. Often you can get bracelets that are custom made for you. We love all things bespoke.

But probably the absolute best thing about guys wearing bracelets is that it signals your confidence to the world. Ballsy guys wear bracelets, not wallflowers. Those who embrace bracelets have a certain joie de vivre and it shows. You can only elevate your style game if you're willing to take calculated risks - but they need to be authentic to your innate style (don't try and be something your not).

So you see now that bracelets are not for every man, nor should they be. Bracelets are for the young at heart who are passionate about life, those guys who travel the world and drink whisky and rum. It is all about living to your maximum potential and for this reason bracelets are the perfect way to enhance your look. So go on, roll the dice and add a bracelet to your life today!