How Cufflinks Are Made

At Jay Kirby, your cufflinks are meticulously made by a team of dedicated artisans. But how exactly are you cufflinks made? Bowing to popular demand, we've created together this handy step-by-step explanation to help demystify the cufflink-making process.

Design: This is where inspiration strikes. We love coming up with a mixture of classic and quirky cuff designs. 

3D printing: We upload our sketch onto some super scientific software. Then we fire up the 3D printer and produce a master wax model.

Hand-carving: Time to hand-carve the wax model. This step requires meticulous care to ensure that every detail is perfect.

Metal casting: We take a metal casting of the 3D mold and then deposit it into a special flask which goes into the kiln. We crank the kiln up until it's piping hot so the metal can take the shape we desire.

Polishing: Time to buff those cufflinks and take care of any imperfections.

Painting: We use special microsized brushes brushes so get the colours just right.

Final Polish: At last. After painting, we give your cufflinks one final polish to make them shine.