Ultimate Gifts Guide for Groomsmen

So you're getting married! Woohoo! Congrats! Felicitations. Tanti auguri! Mazel tov!

But now you've got a problem, right? What are you going to get for all your groomsmen? Where do you even start to look for the perfect plush gift for your best men?

You mean I have to buy gifts for my groomsmen? Hell yes. Otherwise your groomsmen are going to feel downright shafted and don't you want them to be excited for possibly the biggest day thus far in your life? Yes. I mean hell yes bro. Well, then let's look at the ultimate gifts for your special groomsmen.

Floral bow ties

Aren't bow ties just for nutty professors a la Eddie Murphy? Nope. Bow ties are rapidly becoming one of the most versatile and popular gifts for men, especially for special occasions like weddings. Ok, but floral bow ties? Yes, seriously floral bow tie designs are great because they show women you have a sensitive side and aren't afraid of it! Embrace the duality of masculinity with your bow tie. It's all about being the dapper modern man. Take a look at our amazing teal floral bow tie for a taste of our bow tie collection. Need we say more?

Novelty cufflinks

Ok, so everyone knows about cufflinks but what about cufflinks with a twist? Novelty cufflinks are the perfect accessory for groomsmen because they inject flair and panache plus a sense of humour into any outfit. If you want cufflinks that say "I take style seriously but I'm also funny" then novelty cufflinks might be exactly what you are looking for. Take, for example, our incredible silver toned martini cufflinks or our lucky silver elephant cufflinks

Pocket squares

And you can't go past pocket squares (also known as handkerchiefs) as a great gift for men in general and groomsmen in particular. Why a pocket square? Because quite simply they can make your suit jacket pop. It's all about doing the small things with high quality accessories that increase your style appeal. That's why pocket squares are an incredible asset that belong in your gift box for all groomsmen on your wedding day. Look at some of our gorgeous navy blue floral pocket squares for a highly popular design we offer.

Apple watch bands

Everyone these days wants an Apple watch. Not only are they sleek and functional, but they just look so damn good. Hot damn, we love us some Apple watch bands. They can be irreverent and dapper at the same time such as this Pacific Blue Apple watch band. Truly a stunning and affordable investment for the modern gentleman, our selection of watch bands is sure to make your watch pop.


Socks don't have to be corny gifts, instead they can be a fun and colourful way to accessorise your shoes. Novelty socks are in high demand these days because who doesn't love a guy that has a sense of humour? For instance, our exclusive pink flamingo socks are a firm favourite amongst grooms and groomsmen alike. You really can't go wrong with socks that are anything but boring.