What Are Cufflinks?

If you're a young guy looking to take your style game to the next level, you might be considering investing in a pair of cufflinks. But what exactly are cufflinks? Well, they're a mens accessory and an item of jewellery.

Cufflinks (as the name suggests) belong in the cuffs if your shirt. Not all shirts are suitable for cuffs. Many shirts have buttons instead of cuffs but most luxury designer shirts will have cuff holes (and no buttons) that are just waiting for a pair of cufflinks to be inserted. In doing so, cufflinks connect your cuffs and hold them fast while also adding a decorative look to your shirt which is sure to dial up your style points.

Cufflinks have two ends. One will be the decorative end and the other will consist of the locking or fastening mechanism to keep the cuff in place. It is vital to ensure that the decorative end of your cufflink is the one that will be outward facing when you wear it so people can appreciate and see your cuff. Usually this means the decorative side of your cuff should be closest to your pinky finger when fastened to your shirt cuffs.

Cufflinks can be made from any fabric or metal. Silk knot cufflinks are becoming increasingly popular but the overwhelming majority of cufflinks are made from metals ranging from pure gold to silver to rhodium alloys. We especially like rhodium because it is designed and engineered against tarnish so your cuffs will last for a long time. 

Turning to the history of cufflinks, did you know that cuffs have been around since the 1600s! Cuffs were typically reserved for the aristocracy and the wealthier merchant classes who could afford expensive metals to be fabricated. Also in a feudal society most men would be workers and therefore cufflinks would not be appropriate when toiling in the fields or for your local blacksmith.

With the onset of industrial revolution, cufflinks were slowly becoming more accessible to the masses but it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century that cufflinks became much more readily available and affordable to the masses. Further improvements in cost efficiencies and economies of scale means that cufflinks are now one of the most popular gifts for men. So shop our exclusive collection of cufflinks today to upgrade your style game.